Sled Island Details Pass Refunds Following Festival Cancellation

Sled Island Details Pass Refunds Following Festival Cancellation
Sled Island organizers are continuing to deal with the aftermath of the devastating flood that forced the cancellation of the Calgary-based fest last June, having just revealed the details behind pass refunds.

A press release issued today (August 1) has the Sled Island team offering a few options in regards to pass refunds, though they reiterated that they are at a loss over this year's festival, with roughly 70 percent of expenses being non-refundable. If they were to refund every pass, they would lose upwards of $200,000.

That said, full refunds are being offered until August 27, as the natural disaster that rocked the city affected local festivalgoers and travellers in a variety of ways.

"We understand that the festival's cancellation was part of a larger tragedy and that individual circumstances vary," organizers said. "As such, we feel a refund should be offered for those who need one."

Sled Island is also suggesting that, if possible, passholders forgo the refund to help keep the festival in business. The festival is also offering charitable tax receipts if you transfer your pass fee into a donation.

"Nearly half of our total revenue comes from pass and ticket sales and beer sales that did not occur due to the cancellation," organizers explained. "This compromised revenue significantly affects both the day-to-day operations and long-term viability of Sled Island."

Early birds that forgo the refund will receive a pass to the Calgary International Film Festival, 200 in total. That event runs September 19 to 29. Anyone who opts out of their refund will also be given a Sled Island T-shirt, and the possibility to attend Sled-related events leading up to the 2014 edition of the festival.

Depending on when it was purchased, Sled Island's Festival Discovery Pass cost $179-$199, while a Festival Discovery Plus Pass (which offered front-of-the-line access, among other privileges) went for $299-$349. All-ages event passes were sold for $50, while a film-only pass went for $30.

As previously reported, many of Sled Island's non-refundable expenses included artist, marketing, rental and production fees for the shows that took place before the cancellation, and non-refundable deposits and travel expenses.