Slayer Finally Nail Down Release Date for World Painted Blood

Slayer Finally Nail Down Release Date for <i>World Painted Blood</i>
It's official! After months of speculation and false starts, evil thrash metal masters Slayer have finally announced an official date for the release of their 10th full-length studio effort.

If you haven't been in the loop, the album features the band's original line-up, which was reinstated when drummer Dave Lombardo returned after a decade for 2006's acclaimed Christ Illusion. This follow-up is dubbed World Painted Blood.

If you are in the loop, you're likely wondering when the fuck we're gonna get to the point.

Well, Sony/BMG has revealed that the record will see the light of day on November 3 in North America and a day earlier in Europe. So mark it down and pray to whomever you worship that it actually happens this time.

And at that, let the speculation begin! Let's be honest, though, this is what we're all hoping the new album really sounds like anyway: