"Pride in Prejudice" (NSFW video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Sep 6, 2016

Slayer are keeping things consistent with the promo cycle behind last year's Repentless, having just revealed another music video starring their eye patch-wearing anti-hero. The latest clip, for "Pride in Prejudice," is a gory musing on racial divides.

Taking place after the "You Against You" and "Repentless" clips, the latest visual from director BJ McDonnell finds Patch kidnapped by rogue prison guards and transported to a neo-Nazi bunker, where he's tasked to show his allegiance by killing another prisoner (played by Danny Trejo). Without spoiling too much, the guy shows his true colours once he gets a knife in his hands, and it turns out they're all sorts of shades of red.

The video also finds Slayer playing on a blood-soaked frosty field, though they're keeping themselves warm with toques and spiky gauntlets.

You can peep the absolutely NSFW video down below.


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