Slaughter Surrender or Die

The real Slaughter was not those glam-assed wussies that made it big in the early '90s. The real Slaughter was a Toronto-based thrash metal/punk hybrid trio that existed in the mid-'80s and released one album entitled Strappado. Like like-minded Canadian bands Voivod and Sacrifice, the band was part of the mid-'80s thrash metal explosion. A mixture of English street punk (Discharge, GBH) and the new wave of British heavy metal, bands like Venom and Metallica were the frontrunners. Surrender or Die collects some of the bands earliest recordings on CD for the first time ever. Originally recorded in Toronto, with the help of Brian Taylor (Sacrifice, Youth Youth Youth), this 13-song collection is as raw and primal as it gets. It might even seem a little primitive these days to your avid black metal listener, but these recordings stand the test of time and are a nice aural document of days gone by. (Utopian Vision)