Skymning Artificial Supernova

Annoying band name aside, this lengthy and laborious disc from Sweden's Skymning is a rather interesting oddity worthy of a bit of the progressive metalhead's time. The band combines odd, jagged Meshuggah-like riffs with a big black metal vibe, some industrial influences and a heaping dose of experimentation to create a sound wholly their own. Ultimately it becomes wholly unknowable though, with a combination of sounds that have no business being together. It's endearing at first, a headache after 30 minutes and suicidally wrong after 60 minutes. Still, it is worth sifting through the confusion to explore the successful parts of these lengthy songs. One big thumbs up for forging down their own path and giving us something new; one big thumbs down for the migraine. An EP would be nice. (Candlelight)