Siskiyou "We All Make the Flowers Grow" (Lee Hazlewood cover)

Siskiyou 'We All Make the Flowers Grow' (Lee Hazlewood cover)
Folky Vancouverites Siskiyou are on a break following the big promotional push behind their 2011 sophomore set Keep Away the Dead, but the band have unearthed a rarity to keep us on our toes until LP number three. It's a run-through of songwriting icon Lee Hazlewood's "We All Make the Flowers Grow," and the group are giving the cover away for free.

Siskiyou's breezy attempt at the track, which was recorded in 2010 but recently unveiled on their brand new Bandcamp page, adds some finger-pickin' banjo licks and lightly brushed drums to the tune's arrangement. It also finds band leader Colin Huebert letting his unique take, smoked-cedar tenor take over for Hazlewood's measured baritone on the mortality tale.

You can stream and/or download the cover down below.