Siriusmo Pearls and Embarrassments 2000-2010

If Siriusmo's debut LP, Mosaik, was well worth the wait, the decade leading up to its release was bound to inspire more than a handful of EPs and B-sides. The archives were ransacked to compile the two-disc, 42-track release, aptly titled Pearls & Embarrassments 2000-2010 (and considering Siriusmo released nearly 100 tracks during that time frame, the pickings were far from slim). What makes this lengthy double-disc ideal is the ability one has to dip in at random and almost always come out with something favourable ― the pearls definitely outweigh the embarrassments on this one. Eight new tracks have made their way into the fold, including "Hello DJ," a gritty synth bender, à la Mr. Oizo, while the razzed wobbles and vocal overlay on "Erste Sein" make it one of the strongest tracks on the album. As for the embarrassments, perhaps "Gummiband" and "Au Au Au!" are indicators that they should've stayed in the archives. (Monkeytown)