Sinking Ships Out Of Key Harmony

When members of Holiday Flyer and California Oranges decide to collaborate, I'm not entirely sure if the resulting band should be called a super-group because of their relative obscurity. As it turns out though, the Sinking Ships are a pretty super group in their own way thanks to some nicely infectious pop songs. Just like the aforementioned two bands, the Sinking Ships forge ahead with some not-entirely-generic indie pop that doesn't sound unlike, say, Velocity Girl. At the core of every single song, however, is Katie Conley's vocals, with just enough sweetness to give the music some real personality without the proceedings getting too syrupy. The Sinking Ships don't quite manage to shake off the ghosts of their other bands. I suppose it would be completely unfair to expect a collaboration between members from two bands to sound nothing like either band, but at times you can't help but think that this is a new band in name only. They might not be treading water completely, but there's nothing terribly new either. Still, that's a small complaint because there are enough good moments to recommend Out Of Key Harmony to indie pop lovers everywhere. (Darla)