Sinewave & dB 2Phur Vol. 1

This delectable spilt EP features the lazy breakbeat workings of Winnipeg's Sinewave, aka Mark Wiebe, and the "drum & down-tempo" darkness of Montreal's dB, aka Blake Markle (of Dr. Noh). On "Hot Clamps," Sinewave's acidic subterranean rumblings travel two tempos, while "Classical Scare Tactics" chills out with layered orchestral washes, loose grooves, tech-noise, and a sinister intensity bubbling under the surface. On the more murky and beat-oriented "T&K" and "Topaz," dB constructs complex patterns with slithery synth melodies sparingly punctuated and fattened with enticing effects. Same animal, light and dark meat; tasty. (2Top)