Sinéad O'Connor Says She's Retiring — Again

The singer now claims she is taking a step back from music to focus on her writing career

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jun 17, 2021

So far this month, Sinéad O'Connor has already retired and come out of retirement — so naturally, she's now announcing her retirement once more before the month is over.

As with her last two announcements, O'Connor broke the news via her Twitter account, explaining that it's time for her next adventure as a writer and will officially end her music career this Sunday (June 20). Or so she claims.

"This to announce that having been in two minds about retiring I have now, in consultation with my medical team, and on their advice, decided to go ahead and retire so that I may now focus on my new career as a writer," she began.

O'Connor went on to explain that she is leaving her music career "on a good note," having used her platform to stand up against the "Lilliputian far-right, white power movement in this country, without consideration for how absolutely any white people at all, might be upset by my doing so."

In closing, the artist said that she intends to close her Twitter account in the next few days, in order to "begin to enjoy being a private citizen."

She continued: "I sincerely thank my fans and supporters for the love they've shown me all down the years, as well as my co-workers. We've all had a great adventure: now it's time for the next one."

O'Connor's final album, No Veteran Dies Alone, is due to arrive early next year. 

See her full announcement below.

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