Sinéad O'Connor Checks Herself into Yearlong Trauma and Addiction Program

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Nov 12, 2020

Sinéad O'Connor has announced she is checking into a yearlong trauma and addiction program.

Today the troubled Irish singer said in a string of tweets that the increased stress of 2020, in addition to death of an unspecified loved one, resulted in her "briefly addicted to a drug other than weed."

As such, she is already calling off all her shows currently scheduled for 2021, though the world still doesn't yet know if shows will be possible next year. O'Connor's concerts were originally to take place in 2020.

"Message for folks who have tickets for next year's shows: those shows are being postponed until 2022 so that I may go into a one year trauma and addiction treatment program because I had a very traumatic six years and this year was the end of it but now recovery starts," O'Connor tweeted today.

"I grew up with a lot of trauma and abuse. I then went straight into the music business. And never learned really how to make a normal life. Never took proper time to heal. Wasn't ready to either."

She continued, "The last year has been very traumatic also due to one of my kids being unwell and the child is thriving now thank god but the mom needs TLC. If I take this time to heal, I will be fit for a lifetime of touring. If I don't, I won't… Music business is a very unforgiving place for artists who need to postpone due to emotional or mental health issues. I would ask my agents and promoters to look into their souls regarding that and to support me in taking this step toward making a life I am happy in. So that we can all make some money !!!"

As previously reported, O'Connor recently released her cover of Mahalia Jackson's "Trouble of the World."

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