Silent Kids Tomorrow Waits

Atlanta’s music scene appears to be really blossoming these days. The Silent Kids are a trio of musicians with a penchant for vintage equipment and experimenting in the studio. They have impeccable musical taste, bringing together enough solid influences that they end up with something really rather good. They sound like a more robust version of the Shimmer Kids Underpop Association, with some ramshackle touches of Grandaddy and the angular rock of the Archers Of Loaf. The outcome is something that gets more appealing with every listen. It’s no wonder that Two Sheds chose to reissue the band’s self-published debut without messing with it — it would be very hard to imagine how Tomorrow Waits could be improved. What is more questionable, however, are the comparisons by the label to the Elephant 6 collective; considering how dull that roster has gotten in the past couple of years, that isn’t the compliment it once was. Tomorrow Waits is a very impressive first album with more than enough pop gems to make it the perfect summer soundtrack for indie pop fans. (Two Sheds)