Sigur Rós Announce Cinematic Screenings of 'Valtari Film Experiment'

Sigur Rós Announce Cinematic Screenings of 'Valtari Film Experiment'
Since Sigur Rós launched their Valtari Film Experiment earlier this year, the post-rocking Icelandic dream weavers have rolled out a slew of video clips for songs from their recent album Valtari. Now that the campaign is complete, the band will be bringing the video series to cinemas around the world from December 7 to 10.

For the Valtari Film Experiment, the band enlisted 12 filmmakers and gave them the same modest budget, telling them to create a visual accompaniment to an album track. The group also enlisted fans to do the same and gave recognition to some of their favourite submissions.

According to an announcement, the cinematic version of Valtari Film Experiment will include "at least 17 commissioned 'official' and fan-created short films." It will be screened in all seven continents (including Antarctica) and in at least five Canadian cities. See the currently confirmed Canadian schedule below.

Making these screenings especially unique is the fact that the cinemas won't actually have a copy of the film, but will be streaming it over the internet.

If you'd like the Valtari Film Experiment to come to your city, you can help organize a screening of your own. Go to here for more details.

Canadian screening dates:

12/8 Vancouver, BC - Vancity Theatre
12/8 Ottawa, ON - Canadian Film Institute
12/8 Toronto, ON - Bloor Cinema
12/9 Montreal, QC - PHI Centre
12/10 Palmerston, ON - Norgan Theatre