Sigh Hangman's Hymn

In a superficial sense, Sigh’s latest exploration of the heavy and bizarre might be described as "symphonic black metal,” but Hangman’s Hymn is much more, drawing from a wider selection of ammunition, thrash and power metal included. Blasting forth like a monstrous dragon on speed, the album might be a Disney soundtrack gone horribly wrong, or right, depending on your point of view. Bombastic excess bursts out at every seam and any other band would have hit over the top before the end of the first track. From Sigh, it’s just overwhelming, good fun. Guest appearances add to the mayhem with members of Sacrifice, Enforsaken and ex-Giant Squid contributing more grounds for a declaration of insanity. "Me-Devil” is a particularly delightful bit of hysteria. Be careful not to overdose. (The End) (The End)