Sideshow Admit One

Sideshow are the new live dub ensemble featuring Fin Greenall, who is best known as Ninja Tune act Fink. True to his many years of experience, on this debut album Sideshow emerge as a fully formed, tight unit capable of concocting first-rate productions that hover around a more organic version of Deadbeat's vibrant dub-techno. The album opens with its one and only full-fledged pop song, "Television," before moving into trackier and more fluid, club-sensitive tracks that feature vocals from the likes of Paul St. Hilaire (formerly Tikiman), Tina Grace, Samar and Cortney Tidwell. This album comes out on Aus, which along with sister label Simple, has been on a hot streak lately, in terms of quality, and while this album veers more into leftfield from the sleek house and subtle techno they've been issuing, it's also a welcome shift toward acts that have the potential to attract larger audiences to the great music in this catalogue. (Aus)