Side Sixty Seven More Stitches Than Riches

Oh Lordy, it's another band that really wants to sound like Nofx, but these guys want to be faster than Nofx, and faster they are, not to mention really tight. Unfortunately it gets old after a few seconds, but this is still likely to go over with the mall punk/skate/snowboard crowd. There are 13 songs on this, the follow-up to their debut EP, and they sing about pot, girls and skating, among other things, backed up by a melodic sound punctuated by NYHC-style chant-alongs. When they don't sound like Nofx, they sound like late '80s era Revelation stuff (Gorilla Biscuits, Bold). Since the booklet features them wearing wife-beaters and clutching 40oz. bottles of malt liquor, you know they aren't even remotely concerned with being original. And even though this style is kind of stale, to their credit, they play it well. (Bad Idea)