Shout Out Louds "Walking in Your Footsteps" (video)

Shout Out Louds 'Walking in Your Footsteps' (video)
Having already sold out of their frankly amazing all-ice 7-inch, Swedish indie-pop troupe Shout Out Louds are ready to serve up their Optica on all the regular formats February 26 through Merge Records. A month ahead of the release date, the band have premiered a video for album track "Walking in Your Footsteps."

The group get playful in the basic clip, which has them standing in front of an assortment of projections on a soundstage to crank out the synth-driven dance-pop number. Keyboardist Bebban Stenborg does her best Sherlock Holmes impersonation while holding a magnifying glass; drummer Eric Edman whomps on some soaked drum skins, letting rhythmic rivulets of water bounce to the beat; while other members perform under the warming glow of a static image of fireworks.

You can catch the rest, including a moment where a guitar solo is seemingly powered by a gemstone, down below.