Shout Out Louds "Hi! We Are…"

Shout Out Louds 'Hi! We Are…'
Swedish hopefuls Shout Out Louds have created the nicest introduction anyone in search of new music could ask for. Narrated by the most proper woman in England, "Hi! We Are…" gives a quirky six-minute look into how the band came to be, set to their nice amiable music. There's Adam, the food-imagining singer whose hair is always too long in the back; Ted, the videographer bassist who prefers exclusive foods; Carl, the traumatised, guitar-playing Nirvana fan; Eric, the Dachshund and airplane lover who replaced the drum machine from hell; and Bebban, the keyboardist who writes stories about lion tamers, hermit crabs and Italian dictators. Directions on how to find their rehearsal space in Sweden are also given at the end. (