The Shimmies To All Beloved Enemies

The Shimmies are a trio of Californian brothers (Sean, Jimmy and Stephen Galloway), along with their friend Jack Gingerich, whom was recruited to play drums. And they love their guitars ― love them ― yet they aren't quite sure what to do with them. This translates into a lack of focus on their debut, To All Beloved Enemies. When they decide upon a wide canvas on which to paint epic pieces, the Shimmies sound almost unstoppable. The slow-building mix of post-rock and shoegazing is definitely their strongest approach. It's only when they move closer to more conventional song structures that their weaknesses become apparent. The lyrics are cliché and the delivery underwhelming; the songs don't hold together amidst the lazy wails of guitar and hook-free melodies; and by the end of To All Beloved Enemies, any goodwill built up during the first few songs has long vanished. Next time around, the Shimmies need to focus on their strengths and throw out all the other aspects that dilute their obvious talents. (Independent)