Shane Turner Announces New Album as Brave Parents

Shane Turner Announces New Album as Brave Parents
Shane Turner's resume includes contributions to acts like the Choir Practice, Woodpigeon and Fanshaw, and in 2012 he released a self-titled full-length under the name Shane Turner Overdrive. For his next record, the songwriter has relocated from Vancouver to Toronto and formed a new band called Brave Parents. Their album Someone to Jump Out at You is due out February 26.

The record was recorded as a duo by Turner and April Leino, although the lineup has now swelled to four members. It's being billed as Turner's sophomore album, despite the fact that it's being released under a new moniker.

According to the band's press materials, Someone to Jump Out at You moves away from the lo-fi sound of Shane Turner Overdrive in favour of a "darker and more polished pop sound full of invigorating textural melodies, sonic unease and elegant noise."

Scroll past the tracklist to watch a pair of grainy, Super-8-quality music videos for the tuneful album cuts "Party Bag" and "Don't Ask." These offer a promising glimpse of the album's atmospheric, low-key sound.

Someone to Jump Out at You:

1. Hold with the Hair
2. Locus of Control
3. Don't Ask
4. Party Bag
5. Plain Speak
6. Parting Gifts
7. Escape Artist
8. 1997
9. October
10. Run with the Hounds