Shad Replaced as Host of CBC's 'q' by Tom Power

Shad Replaced as Host of CBC's 'q' by Tom Power
The CBC revealed today (August 15) that Canadian rapper Shad will no longer be the host of its long-running q program. His last show is tomorrow, with the broadcaster also announcing that his replacement will be longtime guest host Tom Power.

As previously reported, Shad had been tapped by the CBC in March 2015 to take over the then-named Q in the wake of Jian Ghomeshi's high-profile exit, which led to a sexual assault trial.

Shad debuted on the program in April 2015. Since then, the ratings have gone down. According to CBC, the listenership shrunk from 220,400 in June 2015 to 168,000 in June 2016.

While this latest news confirms that Shad will be off the program this week, a press statement from Susan Marjetti, executive director of CBC Radio English Services, explains that the rapper is still "part of our CBC family." Though nothing has been set in stone, it's possible he'll return for a different program.

"It's been an honour and a joy to serve in this role," Shad said in a statement of his time at q, reflecting on his work over the last year and the future of the program under Power.

"Countless fascinating guests and don't even get me started on my colleagues: smart, funny, and dedicated is just the beginning. The show will continue and is in great hands with Tom Power — an excellent host and a great guy. My relationship with the CBC remains strong... I'm grateful for an amazing experience."

Power, meanwhile, will leave his weekday position at Radio 2 Morning that he's held since 2011. He had been a regular guest host of q for years, and has also appeared on radio show Deep Roots and the CBC-TV program Our Centres.

Earlier in the summer, Shad delivered a soft rock-styled album titled Adult Contempt under the name Your Boy Tony Braxton. You'll find Exclaim!'s recent interview with the musician about the project over here.