Sex Positions Sex Positions

Judging a book by its cover may or may not be a good idea, but in this case, it was. Instead of sending this poorly named band into the trash can, it was put on top of the pile because of its extremely ghetto promotional presentation. An individually burnt CD, complete with Jiffy Marker writing and a home printer cover is a comforting reminder that D.I.Y. is alive and well, even to those working with record labels. Sex Positions delivers a chronically striking beat with occasional, presumably keyboard, electronics to put an emphasis on an eccentric heaviness. Somewhat heavier crust punk with a lo-fi sound that tends to be rock oriented. The songs are distinct but usually stick to standard 4/4. The swift changes that often make appearances in the song writing are exemplified by parts such as in "Sleeping,” which sees drawn-out stops revitalised by a frantic screaming match, which dissipates into the cold beginnings of the next song. They dip into slower moments as well as tougher hardcore dynamics. The musicianship itself is not mind-boggling, nor groundbreaking, but maintains a noticeable unconventionality within its defined borders. (Deathwish Inc.)