Sever Your Ties Safety In The Sea

We all know that judging a book by its cover isn’t the best practice, even when it comes to bands. The moniker Sever Your Ties initially brings the image of a semi-hardcore band with swooping haircuts, tattoos and… Oh, wait: bingo! While it may not be the best way to view a band it certainly hits the nail on the head this time out. Sever Your Ties’s Safety In The Sea encompasses all the elements of a screamo band: vocals move back and forth between coarse and soft, guitars follow suit, and the drumming does exactly the same. Oh, right, and there’s heavy use of a Moog synth. This album can easily make someone feel a little jaded and with good cause, as nothing outside of the box is brought to the table. So cast this one out to sea and we’ll see if it sinks or swims. (Solid State)