Seven Saturdays "Make Note of Every Sound" (video)

Seven Saturdays 'Make Note of Every Sound' (video)
If only every kill-heavy battle played out as whimsical as in the video for L.A.-based electronic artist Seven Saturdays' "Make Note of Every Sound," which swaps out all blood gushing for a more fanciful stream of crimson ribbons.

The back story is a little foggy, but the video goes back and forth in time between a loving mother and her daughter playing with paper cranes to a warehouse-set showdown complete with a limbs-cropping katana blade and a gang's futile, retaliatory gunfire. The honour-driven massacre rolls out quite fantastical, with a series of slow-mo shots unfurling the streamers across the industrial backdrop.

Things get a little hari by the end of it all, but you'll nonetheless find the fanciful fight scene attached to Seven Saturdays' cinematic soundscape down below.

The track stems from Seven Saturdays' 2013 self-titled release on Lunada Records.