Seabound Beyond Flatline

It’s difficult to avoid scepticism towards a band who implores of you: "take your time to discover us.” It makes them seem desperate. After listening to Seabound’s Beyond Flatline though, you’ll discover that they are actually just confident. This is the second release by the group and their first under Metropolis. The German duo consisting of Frank Spinath (lyrics/ programming) and Martin Vorbroot (programming/sound) worked on Beyond Flatline for about three years and for the most part their efforts show. The album achieves a range of sounds from ethereal to synth pop while lyrically Spinath offers angst filled imagery that is quite passionate. "Poisonous Friend” is a sinister sounding song that’s quite bewitching. As well, the upbeat, dance-inducing "Go International” and the darkened love song "Watching Over You” are well-crafted and memorable. Other tracks fade into mediocrity, however, and are more suitable for background noise than serious listening ("Contact” and "Torch” being the worst offenders). Ultimately this is not a unique album, but Beyond Flatline remains an interesting disc suitable for any music fan looking for something with a hint of electric gloom. (Metropolis)