Scott Nolan Postcards

Winnipeg is the centre of North America and was the historical hub of Canada. Much has gone through this unassuming city over the years. Indeed, the current music scene simmers with wonderful diversity. Scott Nolan emerges from this hearty stew with ingredients from the many travels and Postcards provides glimpses of what Nolan has soaked up. "Famous in Texas" reflects well on the songwriters of that state, while Neil Young echoes in his compatriot's voice, particularly in "Leavin' Vegas" and Charlie Daniels serves merely as a template to the gritty tale of "Clint Duty." Nolan sheds shards of light on the characters he paints ("Corinna Sad Eyes") in the scuzzy bars of this transient's town. Great backing players fill out his strong songwriting, which will serve him well on his next tour of the back alleys and dark corners. (Independent)