Scissor Sisters We Are Scissor Sisters and So Are You

Not content with having last year's biggest selling album in the UK and one of the strongest live shows, NYC's Scissor Sisters felt the need to compile one of the best and most comprehensive band DVDs available. Everything you need from the Sisters is featured with a wonderfully flamboyant menu to navigate, including flying butterflies and each band member getting down to a selected portion (front-man Jake Shears eventually strips to his undies). A full set of their magical onstage prowess from the Brighton Dome is perfect entertainment for those who have yet to see it and for those who want to relive it. Also included are all five videos from their self-titled debut (featuring fan commentary), the band reciting Lewis Carroll's Jabberwock on the author's own bench and additional live footage. The crème de la crème however is "Return to Oz," a full-on documentary that reveals every little tidbit and secret there is to know about this flashy glam disco act. Most attractive is the insight into the history of the band through interviews and complete footage of their very first performance as a duo and even more as the band completed their line-up. (Universal)