The Schomberg Fair 'Providence' (EP stream)

The Schomberg Fair 'Providence' (EP stream)
Building on the release of Mercy last fall, Toronto roots rockers the Schomberg Fair have returned with another EP. Providence comes out on Tuesday (June 5), and you can listen to it now here on

Whereas Mercy fused early 20th century blues and folk sounds with punk energy, Providence adds an additional layer of heaviness to the mix. Underscoring this development is the album artwork.

As we reported earlier this month, when the Schomberg Fair unveiled the cover on their Facebook page, they included the message, "What's better than one hand in space?....TWO hands in space!"

The first two songs on Providence are immediate and rollicking. Matt Bahen's banjo flies alongside a driving rhythm section and distorted guitar riffs. As the EP progresses, it slows down a bit without loosing any momentum before ending on a strong foot. Final track "Black Crow River" features dynamics that range from quiet verses with great bottom-end backing vocals to loud guitar workouts.

You can catch the Schomberg Fair across Canada this month with like-minded Oregon act Larry and His Flask on the Exclaim!-sponsored "Moose Knuckles and Belt Buckles Tour 2012." Click here for the full list of dates. And of course, check out Providence below.