Saukrates "Practice" / "Elixir"

Saukrates 'Practice' / 'Elixir'
Toronto rapper Saukrates is giving his hometown Argos some love later this week when he appears during a halftime show, but he's given the world another pair of cuts to enjoy ahead of the big show. You can hear Soxx's new "Practice" and "Elixir" digital singles online now.

Featuring a slinking soul groove supplied by producer Mellenius, the song first features a clip of NBA vet Allen Iverson talking about giving it his all before Saukrates takes over to discuss, among other thing, his spectacular flow, packing stadiums with Drake and how to spell his name.

A press release explains that "Elixir" is a continuation of the title track to his recent Amani EP, and the old-school boom-bap beat, jazzy piano lines and shimmering electronics support Saukrates' bars.

"Seeing as good, classic-style, hip-hop is hard to come by these days I figured I'd keep my sword sharp," Soxx said in a statement of his latest leaks.

"Practice"/"Elixir" is available to stream now, with the songs going on sale December 2.