Sarah Davachi Unveils 'All My Circles Run'

Sarah Davachi Unveils 'All My Circles Run'
Following a move from the West Coast out to Montreal, bliss-inducing electro-acoustic soundscaper Sarah Davachi has revealed plans to release her next LP. Titled All My Circles Run, her new song cycle arrives September 9 through Students of Decay.

The record follows 2015's Barons Court and this year's Dominions, but a retail listing explains that this latest release is quite a bit different than the electronic experiments of Davachi's semi-recent past. All My Circles Run is said to shy away from the synth-styled sounds of Davachi's past to deliver five compositions that each focus on one specific instrument. Song titles like "For Strings," "For Piano" and "For Voice" should be good indications of what to expect.

Despite a sonic shift, the album is said to still demonstrate Davachi's "striking attention to detail and a commitment to tonal possibilities."

You'll find the full tracklisting info below, while the understated, semi-obscured cover art can be seen up above.

All My Circles Run:

1. For Strings
2. For Voice
3. Chanter
4. For Organ
5. For Piano