Sarah Davachi Details New Album 'Pale Bloom'

Hear the record's "Perfumes III"
Sarah Davachi Details New Album 'Pale Bloom'
After releasing a pair of albums last year, Sara Davachi has announced her first release of 2019. The Canadian composer will release a new album titled Pale Bloom through W.25TH on May 31.

The four-track release is said to find Davachi returning to her first instrument, the piano, for a set of "quiet minimalism and poetic rumination."

Ahead of time, she's shared "Perfumes III," the third part of the album's "Perfumes" suite. You can hear it in the player below.

Last year, Davachi released Gave In Rest and Let Night Come on Bells End the Day. Read our 2018 interview with the composer here.

Pale Bloom is available for pre-order here.

Pale Bloom:

1. Perfumes I
2. Perfumes II
3. Perfumes III
4. If It Pleased Me To Appear To You Wrapped In This Drapery