Santigold "Banshee"

Santigold 'Banshee'
There's plenty of buzz surrounding Santigold at the moment. After all, the artist is due to drop her 99¢ album this month ahead of a North American tour. To tease both, she's now launched a stream of the record's "Banshee."

The new single was premiered through Zane Lowe's Beats 1 program today (February 11). As you can hear below, it finds Santigold singing about restless nights apparently caused by the howling banshee perched atop her shoulder.

Sonically, there's a whirlwind of steady kick drums, steam whistle-sounding electronics, and bright, bursting digi-melodies supporting Santi.

99¢ arrives February 26 through Atlantic, while Santigold's tour schedule starts up in May. The trip hits Canadian venues in Vancouver and Calgary. The date and venue details can be found here.