Samantha Urbani "U Know I Know"

Samantha Urbani 'U Know I Know'
On top of collaborating with the likes of Doldrums, onetime Friends frontwoman Samantha Urbani has been carving out a path as a solo performer. Now, she's delivered one of sunniest sounding singles of this still young summer. Get ready to stream her "U Know I Know."

According to a statement from Urbani, the song was "recorded on an iPad in the sky, and in Sam's basement in Hollywood." Despite the latter claim, the song comes enveloped in a double-dose of Vitamin D-enriched synth sounds and juicy digital beats.

Throughout the cut, Urbani uses a litany of easy-going vocal harmonies to detail what sounds like a particularly frustrating and cyclical relationship pattern. That said, she seems dedicated to the cause.

You'll find the sun-kissed single down below.