Saint Etienne, Laurie Anderson, Ulrich Schnauss Cover Scott Walker For 30th Century Man Soundtrack

Saint Etienne, Laurie Anderson, Ulrich Schnauss Cover Scott Walker For <i>30th Century Man</i> Soundtrack
As you may have heard, the music doc Scott Walker: 30 Century Man is pretty freakin' awesome. Not only does it tell the tale of one of rock'n'roll's most intriguing figures, but offers a downright solid cinematic experience, even if you've never even heard of Walker. Well, Stephen Kijak's 2007 film has finally got a firm DVD release date and, perhaps more excitingly, quite the cool-looking soundtrack.

Rather than simply throw together some slapdash Scott Walker greatest hits package, the folks of Lakeshore Records are turning the soundtrack for 30 Century Man into a Walker tribute album, and one primarily made up of female artists taking on the legendary weirdo's dark and powerful tenor. This means you have artists like avant-synth legend Laurie Anderson, Damon & Naomi, Saint Etienne and Dot Allison covering and reworking Walker songs like "The World's Strongest Man," "Manhattan" and "The Electrician."

"The idea was to get mainly women to interpret Scott's songs," Kijak told The Playlist. "A lot of male singers try to take on 'the Croon' and just can't do it; he's just got such a specific and amazing voice. The two that attempted it on the album (Damon Krukowski of Damon & Naomi and Peter Broderick) totally nailed it, made it very much their own."

The soundtrack, which we also must mention includes German shoegaze maestro Ulrich Schnauss, is due out digitally April 21 and in stores on April 28 courtesy of Lakeshore. As for the DVD release, Beastie Boy Adam Yauch's Oscilloscope Films is taking care of that, as we previously reported, and has now given the film the release date of June 16. Exciting, right?

Scott Walker: 30 Century Man soundtrack tracklist:

1. "Duchess" - Peter Broderick
2. "Big Louise" - Sally Norvell
3. "The World's Strongest Man" - Damon & Naomi
4. "Manhattan" - Saint Etienne
5. "The Electrician" - Laurie Anderson
6. "The Seventh Seal" - Nicole Atkins
7. "Montague Terrace (In Blue)" - Dot Allison
8. "The Bridge" - Bee & Flower
9. "Rhymes Of Goodbye" - Stephanie Dosen
10. "It's Raining Today" - Ulrich Schnauss
11. "A Lover Loves" - Jarboe
12. "Such A Small Love" - Little Annie & Paul Wallfisch