Sabers Specter

Recorded by the great human conduit-telescope of sound, Martin Bisi, (who has worked with Brian Eno, Sonic Youth, Swans and John Zorn) this album is an exercise in true multi-dimensional listening via traditional instrumentation and playing (though never lacklustre in execution) while the listener is slowly taken into moods that are funereal to the extreme. At first, we are introduced to earthly primordial organic beats and new intervals of rhythms are created with loops of sound and guitar pedal alterations that eventually take on the feel of the devil itself dancing about your living room. The affair eventually (of course) turns into the realm of beautiful chaos and the ever-so-intense searing and piercing guitars that take flight are sure enough to wake up every creature that lives, hibernates or that has been dead for long periods of time. Consider this the Lazarus tale of ambient music, deceptive at first but inescapable to its victim. Covering the ears won't do anything — surrendering is a better idea. Yet another fine record placed in the radar of accessibility via the fine, caring, adventurous folk at Neurot Recordings. (Neurot)