S Prcss Taste Like Daughter

It’s possible that enough relationship dynamic can fatten up a sound even better than another person, another instrument, another production trick, right? Chances are soaring that you’d agree after a listen to this "best/worst friend” duo’s latest release, Taste Like Daughter. Of course personal dynamics can’t carry everything, and by even the second track, Bob Doto’s slow-pop nasal call-outs grow a bit of an obnoxious edge. It’s hard to decide whether he sounds like an un-effected/affected Pinback voice or just some mid-’90s popular rock guy, but maybe with a little valium and distance. Still, this is different; a sweaty but calming listen. And it’s a good thing that big, monotonous slow-rock groove kicks in at the end of "Your Motivation Is: Less Like This” (the second track) and carries over for the whole of the next song. In fact, the music (which sounds best played very loud on a quiet, hot night) consistently makes up for the minor side of vocal annoyance (that’s particular, and probably wouldn’t bother most) — it’s a rock seriousness that’s reassuring when all of these dance-y punk bass lines are the closest thing to heavy in current indie pop. Other half Daneil Mazone’s vocals also turn the tables, with a sweet, dark coo that fits just right. I knew the ’90s would make a favourable, appropriated return, finally. (My Pal God)