Rye Coalition Jersey Girls

After releasing their exceptional album On Top last year, New Jersey’s Rye Coalition are back with a seven song mini-album of exclusive material. Containing four new, unreleased tracks, two rare ones and one from the last record, Jersey Girls is enough to keep die hard fans satisfied until the next album drops. As always, the band doesn’t hold back on their sense of humour or their love for loud, metallic rock’n’roll. Using influences ranging from KISS and AC/DC to the Jesus Lizard and Steve Albini, life with Rye is never a dull moment. With song titles like "Break Wind and Fire,” "Communication Breakdance,” "Paradise By The Marlboro Light” and "ZZ Topless,” you know these guys would rather die than give up their sex, drugs and rock’n’roll vices. Jersey Girls is as fun as it can get before it reaches an Andrew WK level of silliness. (Tiger Style)