Ryan Adams Unveils New "Legit Metal Record"

Ryan Adams Unveils New 'Legit Metal Record'
The music industry hasn't been quite the same since Ryan Adams decided to take a step back from the Cardinals to become an author. Once known for his prolific output and complete lack of quality control, the alt-country troubadour hasn't released an official album since 2008's Cardinology. Today (March 12), however, Adams finally announced that he will be making his first new album since parting ways with his band, unveiling plans to release Orion via his own PAXAM label.

According to brief blurb on his website, the album is his "most legit METAL record." This marks a change from his previous metal projects, Werewolph and Sleazy Handshake, both of which were slapstick parodies of the genre. Then again, Adams clearly hasn't lost his sense of humour, as he added "P.S. Not a single B.C. Rich was hurt in the making of this record."

You can hear a song from the album over here.

There is no note of what the song is called, but Pitchfork notes that the Soundcloud stream is tagged "Electosnake." The song itself sounds more like Alice in Chains than it does heavy metal, although Adams does unleash some impressive guttural screams in the final 15 seconds.

There's no release date yet for Orion, but pressing begins next week. You can vote on whether you'd like to purchase a copy over at Adams's website - presumably so that the label knows how many copies it should manufacture.