Ryan Adams Completes Long-Rumoured Blackhole Collection

Ryan Adams Completes Long-Rumoured <i>Blackhole</i> Collection
After going two years without releasing a new album, it looks as if Ryan Adams is finally resuming his once prolific pace. Less than two weeks ago, the alt-country songwriter unveiled Orion, his "legit metal record," offering up the lead single as a free stream on his website. Now, Adams has announced that he is finished production work on Blackhole, a record believed to be his long-rumoured collection of outtakes from his days on Lost Highway Records.

Adams revealed that he had completed the long-rumoured project in a post on his Facebook page [via Consequence of Sound], and on Saturday (March 20) wrote, "Congrats Jamie C... After 4 years of production work we finished the infmous never-ending BLACKHOLE Record tonight! What a trip! Big love to the Candyman... WOOP WOOP ( or woot wut or something one of those kind of football noises here!!!"

"Jamie C" refers to producer Jamie Candiloro, who previously worked on Adams's Easy Tiger, as well as his 2007 EP with the Cardinals, Follow the Lights.

Adams released eight full-length albums during his tenure on the label, beginning with 2001's Gold and ending with 2007's Easy Tiger. It's unclear exactly what the Blackhole collection is composed of, but fans have speculated that it's a five-disc set of outtakes and B-sides. Another theory is that Blackhole is one of five completed, but unreleased albums recorded for Lost Highway.

Given the hit-and-miss quality of the singer's output during his Lost Highway years, we can only imagine that the outtakes are even more inconsistent. Regardless, it looks like we'll all have a lot of new Ryan Adams material to listen to before long.

In other news, Adams has posted another track from his Orion project online. Head over to his website to hear the B-side "Cobra-Eyez," a sludgy screamer that's much heavier than the previous alt-rocking single.