Ryan Adams "Out of the Woods" / "All You Had to Do Was Stay" (Taylor Swift covers) (snippets)

Ryan Adams 'Out of the Woods' / 'All You Had to Do Was Stay' (Taylor Swift covers) (snippets)
Yesterday, Ryan Adams revealed that he was holed up in his studio recording 1989. And no, it's not a follow-up to his punk-tinged 1984 LP; it's a full album of covers from Taylor Swift's latest release.
He shared a teaser clip of a "Welcome to New York" clip and said that "Style" and "Blank Space" were already finished, and now today (August 7), Adams has shared snippets of a couple more Swift songs.
Below, you'll find previews of "Out of the Woods" and "All You Had to Do Was Stay," the latter which prefaces with "as heard on the Eddie & the Cruisers Part 3: Reverb Police soundtrack." Above, he's unveiled some fancy artwork for the collection of covers that's visually inspired by Sonic Youth, but lyrically pays tribute to "Shake It Off."