Rusted Dawn The Black Tides Of War

It's easy for any band to pare down new material into their four or five best cuts. When it comes to a complete album, however, a new set of rules apply. With two impressive EPs under their belts, the pressure is on for New Brunswick's notorious blackened thrash/hardcore mongers Rusted Dawn to deliver on debut full-length The Black Tides Of War. Unsurprisingly, they do more than just hit they mark; they ram it down your throat. The Black Tides Of War readily confirms Rusted Dawn's mastery of chug riffs battling abrasive tempos and a general sense of caustic tension. As well as further exposing their adoration of late-era Discharge, coupled with severe thrash and the requisite amount of Motörhead-ish primal rock to keep things catchy. From the blasting heat of "Red Collar" through "I Am Becoming Death" and the titular closer, The Black Tides Of War is beyond simple comparisons to band influences/genre highlights such as Nuclear Assault's Handle With Care or Disfear's Soul Scar. It's in a league of its own. (Diminished Fifth)