Rush Replay X3

Rush has never been a band that does things in half measures. And as if they needed to make the point any clearer, they have finally released their three out-of-print concert films on DVD with a bonus music CD. Yes, that’s four discs in this collection that is being sold at a surprisingly reasonable rate. The set compiles the Exit Stage Left, Grace Under Pressure and A Show of Hands films in their entirety with a music-only disc of the GUP film. The films are significant for fans (and even non-fans) because they catch the band at various stages of evolution during the ’80s. We all know their long haired ’70s shtick with the kimonos and epic, side-long, sci-fi-themed morality plays but who remembers the new wave-inspired skinny tie era circa 1981? Or the "Holy shit! Geddy looks like my mom!” period around 1984? Well, now you can relive those moments of glory and shame in brilliant 5.1 surround sound! It’s true that the discs feature no bonus material per se (although the reproductions of the tour books are a tasteful touch) but the audio remixes and the fact there’s about five hours of footage here more than make up for it. Rush continues to be a band ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping up with the times, which is pretty impressive when you consider all those haters who think they’re simply rock relics. (Anthem)