Run the Jewels "Early" (ft. Boots) ('Black Cab Sessions' video)

Run the Jewels 'Early' (ft. Boots) ('Black Cab Sessions' video)
In addition to appearing onstage at London's Field Day Festival this past weekend, Run the Jewels used their trip to the UK to put on an intimate en-route performance in a taxi cab. Buckle up, as you can watch the travelling run-through of RTJ2 track "Early" online right now.

Filmed for Black Cab Sessions, the vid finds El-P and Killer Mike coolly running bars as a taxi navigates the streets of London. As Killer Mike delivers a line about peering through a window, he waves at passengers in neighbouring vehicles. Boots is also on hand to deliver the hook.

You'll find the video down below. As a bonus, the player tacks on Mac DeMarco's Black Cab Sessions performance of "The Way You'd Love Her," which will appear on his upcoming Another One mini-LP.