Royal Trux Reissue 'Hand of Glory'

Royal Trux Reissue 'Hand of Glory'
The now reunited Royal Trux have announced the latest entry in their ongoing, expansive reissue series through Drag City. Thirteen years after its original pressing, and some 26 years after being laid to tape, the songs that fill odds-and-sods compendium Hand of Glory will be delivered a second time on August 28.

A press release explains that the songs were tracked after Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema moved to San Francisco in 1989, following the release of debut 7-inch "Hero Zero"/"Love Is." Described as "bad-ass and half-arsed," as well as " dark and distinctly American," Hand of Glory wasn't fully finalized until Hagerty stumbled across a "locked trunk" of tapes in his parents Virginia home about a decade later.

While opener "Domo des Burros" was already in completed form, the five-part "The Boxing Story" had to be pieced together from various 1/4-inch reels. It was properly issued in 2002, following the demise of Royal Trux. As another fabulously worded press release from Drag City ponders, in light of the current climate of reissue madness, "what could be more stim'latin' than a cache of dark age Royal Trux tapes?"

As previously reported, Hagerty and Herrema are set to headline Los Angeles' Berserktown II festival on August 16, marking the first proper Royal Trux performance in 14 years. Drag City had previously hinted that more dates are on the way, though those details have yet to arrive.

Hand of Glory:

1. Domo Des Burros (Two Sticks)
2. The Boxing Story: Electric Boxing Show
3. The Boxing Story: Four Kings
4. The Boxing Story: Golden Lament
5. The Boxing Story: Pots And Pansy
6. The Boxing Story: K-9 To The Core