Romanowski Party in My Pants

Chances are you may have heard this Swiss producer before — his fantastic "Strudel Strut” made the dance floor rounds a couple of years ago, so the San Francisco-based DJ’s first full-length is an anticipated arrival. Before you get a chance to break out your best moves to that classic, you have to sit through a couple of quick numbers, including the somewhat daft title track that leads off Party in My Pants. "Up To No Good” fares much better as a starting point, with a slick little wooden flute melody to back it up, but the real trouser festivities take off with "Strudel Strut.” This jam is a funk-filled treasure that consists of many flavours such as heavy break-beats, crowd chants, cowbells, chunky upright bass, flute solos and even Min One dialogue. Guaranteed to turn any party out, but is Party in My Pants a one-trick pony? "Train Song” and "Days of Daze” make strong attempts to compete, with equally slick grooves and turntable trickery, but it’s still "Strut” that is the upbeat champion. Romanowski also throws in some slow-paced cuts like a very jazz-filled "Dance Dance Dance” that takes a bit of a ska twist near its end reminiscent of the mighty Mr. Scruff. "Taliban Rockers” lives up to its title and ends this rather short album on a Bollywood blow-out note, making Party in My Pants a pretty strong outing for Romanowski, who seems to have what it takes to easily put a kick in your dancing shoes. (Future Primitive Sound)