Rohypnotise "Gamma Rays"

Rohypnotise 'Gamma Rays'
New York-via-New Zealand pop artist Rohypnotise (a.k.a. Lucola Bang) has announced plans to release his debut EP next month. Today, we get the first taste of the release via "Gamma Rays."

The five-minute track is a lush sonic journey complete with crystal-clear vocals, full-bodied synths and echo-laden drums. It's an out-there dreamscape, and it sounds pretty damn nice.

Though he grew up in New Zealand and only listened to Christian music as a child, Rohypnotise could be from any city and any subgenre. In a press release, Lucola says, "If you care about where you came from so much, climb back inside your mum's vagina."

Listen to "Gamma Rays" below.

The four-song Rohypnotise EP lands on September 16 via Hi-Scores Recording Library.