The Rodeo Carburettor The Rodeo Carburettor

Evidenced in bands such as Electric Eel Shock, the’s and throngs of others, the Japanese take on no-frills American (punk) rock’n’roll is always distorted. One feels that the bands aren’t truly rockin’ out as much as they adore how their favourite bands do. The end result is as cute as it is non-confrontational; inspired yet not entirely provocative. That said, the Rodeo Carburettor take the aforementioned fury of acts including the Mooney Suzuki, Electric Frankenstein and Zeke, mashing them together into a frenzy of distortion, spastic energy and guttural instinct. Honing in on the primal aspect, the majority of this self-titled release is enthusiastic and slightly venomous albeit entirely appealing to an inherent pop sensibility that one may equate to say, Guitar Wolf, if they were actually able to tune, play and do more than jump around like goons and comb their fine coifs. The general aura of this release is still tempered with a naïve element that hampers the occasional song with what feels like could be tighter structure but in the end, their slightly cleaner greasy biker essence is there at the core and burning to be set free. (Denko Secca)