Robyn "With Every Heartbeat" / "Since U Been Gone"

Robyn 'With Every Heartbeat' / 'Since U Been Gone'
It's nice to see that after all these years Robyn has finally tasted success outside of her native Sweden. It's tough not to write about everything she does, but her latest single (originally released last year) "With Every Heartbeat," a collaboration with producer Kleerup, hit number one on the UK singles charts yesterday (August 12), proving I haven't been crazy all these years preaching her brilliance. The song has been upgraded in the video department (to actually include the singer), from urban sprawl jump cuts to a massive Lego-like wonderland filled with animated shapes'n'sizes (thankfully none of them plow her over). Who knows where this may take her from here? Let's hope over to North America...

In addition, Robyn recently entered Radio One studios for a session and performed an impromptu cover of Kelly Clarkson's mega-smash hit "Since U Been Gone." Much like Ted Leo's championed version of the song, Robyn uses her powerful pipes to drive the song's emo message. What elevates this version over Leo's, though, is the new wave synth that orchestrates the Swedish siren's affected vocals with frosty Scando precision.

Robyn & Kleerup "With Every Heartbeat"