Robert Rich Bestiary

Like some top-secret Eastern hemisphere experiment in creating new organisms and chemicals from sounds, Robert Rich's Bestiary CD is more like a petrie dish that constantly reveals new sonic cultures growing on it no matter how many times you listen to it. The surrealistic soundscapes spawn from an assortment of insect-like, incestuous and positive bacterial-like electronics, balanced by weird, slow shifting, sub-harmonic rhythms submerged in an equally mysteriously viscous fluid. And through clever usage of repetition, his thought and decision making process is revealed, showcasing some of the most bizarre nuances in music today. And as a result, Bestiary ends up being more progressive than formulaic. It would be impossible to get this music down on paper; if you were to even try, you would need a pair of electrical scissors running on fusion power and a strong desire to subvert nature. Someone give Robert Rich a Nobel Prize for his efforts! (Relapse)