River City Rebels No Good No Time No Pride

Vermont's punk superstars return a year after their outstanding second release, Playing To Live...Living To Play with a new full-length. This 12 song outting takes their Clash-influenced sound somewhere between Give 'Em Enough Rope and London Calling. Although that may sound like a good place to be, this record isn't as solid as their last. It's as if they could have taken some more time to figure out what they were after and since they didn't, the songs lack the zip these boys are capable of attaining. Part of the reason could be that they've lost original vocalist Dan McCool and guitarist Dan O'Day has taken on vocal duties. Line-up changes of this sort can be the death of many bands and it's good to see that they've soldiered on regardless. The enhanced CD also includes a "documentary" shot during their April 2002 tour. (Victory)